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Development status analysis of distributed photovoltaic

Development status analysis of distributed photovoltaic

Distributed PV will enter the outbreak in the second half. Hina film power generation group (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese") released the latest distributed solar products and traditional products, upgrade the roof tile trillion watts, intending to seize the building materials market. Ground power market is becoming saturated, distributed will become an important driving force for the PV market, the next four years, the ground station of China's installed capacity will be maintained at a level of 8-10GW, distributed every year there will be a new increment of more than 10GW.
Experienced "6, 30" grab loading tide, distributed photovoltaic concentrated outbreak. Learned from the National Energy Bureau website, the first half of 2017, the new photovoltaic power generation capacity of 24 million 400 thousand kilowatts, an increase of 9%; among them, 17 million 290 thousand kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants, down 16%; distributed photovoltaic 7 million 110 thousand kilowatts, an increase of 2.9 times. Distributed PV installed capacity continues to accelerate development, mainly in Zhejiang, Shandong and Anhui provinces, the new installed capacity of more than 1 million kilowatts, an increase of more than two times, distributed PV installed provinces accounted for 54.2% of the country.
Since the beginning of this year, China's distributed photovoltaic industry has maintained a high growth momentum. In contrast, the centralized power station, the first half of the year, affected by the "6, 30" grab fashions, the rapid development of centralized power plants. Data show that in the first quarter of 2017, China's photovoltaic power generation installed 7.21GW, centralized power station new 4.78GW, down 23%; distributed new installed 2.43GW, an increase of 151%. The development of centralized power stations has begun to slow down, and the development of distributed power stations has begun to accelerate.
Analysis of the industry, the problems of light abandoned due to no significant improvement in the next period of time, the increment will be centralized power station in China is relatively slow, and as the leader in effect highlights, even ordinary ground stations, the components, inverter and other requirements are increasingly high. Therefore, distributed photovoltaic as a breakthrough point to alleviate this situation has ushered in the peak of development.
In the face of the good momentum of development, many photovoltaic enterprises began to force distributed photovoltaic. The day before the release of new products, Chinese film solar - watts. Wang Hong, President of Dongfang sunrise, said that the distributed photovoltaic project has been paid more and more attention in recent years, which is closely related to its power station scale and location requirements. Before the dawn of the East, the relevant distributed departments, subsidiaries and subsidiaries were set up to attract more professional products and services.
In addition to hina lock building materials market, East sunrise will look to the agriculture. Deputy director of the marketing department Yinghong East sunrise Zhuang said, currently distributed PV has erupted in 2016, distributed PV installed capacity of new 4.24GW growth of 200% in 2015. Distributed new 2.43GW in the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 151%. Since 2016, more and more enterprises have joined the distributed PV market, and the market will show an explosive trend in 2017.
Sumeida energy market director Yuan Quan said, from the big trend, after "6 - 30" the development of the ground station will gradually slow down, but this year there are some new changes. These are further reflected in the components links from the component side, due to "grid power plant capacity of 6, 30" deferred in about 1-2GW, which resulted in this year's "6, 30" essentially deferred to July demand.
In the distributed level, generally divided into industrial and commercial and residential roof, industrial and commercial roof area is large, flat roof, large electricity consumption, electricity prices are high, so the installed capacity is large, the power generation is also large. It is followed by the ground concentrated power station, many photovoltaic enterprises chasing the goal. The household roof has clear property rights and small installed capacity, and the rural market has great potential.
Shanxi technology general manager Yang Liyou said, with the characteristics of decentralized distributed solar energy, solar energy is converted into electrical energy and timely delivery to the user, whether it is business or households distributed have great potential for development of distributed. The installation of distributed system in the factory roof, for enterprises, not only can reduce the cost of electricity, subsidies policy, the photovoltaic system can also play a role of insulation, reduce the electricity companies, economic benefits of enterprises in the harvest at the same time, also won the social benefits. For individual users, distributed photovoltaic system is more like a long-term financial products.
Although the development of distributed PV is in full swing, it also inevitably faces the shuffle and other issues. The newly increased installed capacity of distributed PV not only means that the industry boom is rising, but also means that the space for development is decreasing. In fact, the distributed power plant has strict requirements on the roof load, structure, power facilities and many other projects, more and more enterprises begin to seize the market, high-quality resources gradually reduced in the "grab the roof" war. To this end, the industry believes that the distributed PV market will face a new round of reshuffle.
Chinese photovoltaic Renewable Energy Association Special Committee Secretary General Lv Fang believes that there has been and will shuffle is inevitable. Distributed PV will eventually enter the C end market (consumer market), in the form of application and market size has undergone qualitative and quantitative changes of the moment, companies need to foresee, competition will only become increasingly cruel. Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economics Research Center of Xiamen University, pointed out that the development of distributed photovoltaic is obvious to all, but it is also restricted by many conditions. Urban buildings are relatively dense, and the roof area is small, the individual want to develop distributed photovoltaic is not ideal. The rural development of distributed photovoltaic roof area is relatively large, but there is a financial problem, due to the construction of distributed photovoltaic larger initial investment, and back to the long time, many farmers and families can not come up with the cost of installation, also makes the rural development is not smooth distributed pv.